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What listings are prohibited or restricted on Shopiro?

The following listings are subject to restrictions when being sold on Shopiro:
  • Cold Weapons
  • They can only be sold by stores if the listing setting "Adult Content" is enabled. These objects must not be designed to be concealed on a person. Maximum allowed lenght of blades is 5 inch / 12.7cm. These objects must also include standard safety features to prevent harm and injury whenever possible and follow local and destination countries laws.
  • Jewelry
  • They must contain no harmful amounts of heavy metals or radioactive isotopes. E.g: >1% Cadmium per weight. Exclusion: Protected small tritium vials.

    The following listings cannot sold on Shopiro:
  • Firearms
  • Firearms or any object designed to have matter leave a barrel at a velocity of more than 400 ft/s or 122 m/s or a muzzle energy greater than 5 Joules.

  • Food listings
  • International: To prevent the spread of invasive species and follow international laws it is forbidden to sell any listing that contains living or previously living matter and or is meant to be chewed, drank or consumed. Exclusions: Leather, bacteria cultures, personal lubricants.
    Domestic: It is allowed for stores as long as the goods are properly packaged and shipped with the relating permits and won't perish during the required time-frame. We may ask you for a permit/paperwork if it is required in your situation.

  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia, traditional medecine, "negative ions generators", skin creams, life saving medical devices eg: tourniquets and pacemakers, radioactive isotopes.
  • Counterfeit listings of any kind