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How can my store become verified by Shopiro?

If you're a seller on Shopiro, you may have heard about the "verified" mark that some stores have next to their name. This mark indicates that the store has been verified by Shopiro as being reliable and providing outstanding customer service. It's a mark of trust that can help boost your sales and reputation on the platform.

But how can your store become verified by Shopiro? Unfortunately, there's no set path to eligibility, as it's based on many factors that our team considers when reviewing seller accounts. We can't inform sellers on their current eligibility status or what they need to do to become eligible.

However, if your store does become eligible for the verified mark, we'll notify you. You'll then have the option to pay a monthly fee to keep the mark enabled. It's important to note that if your store becomes ineligible for the mark, it will end by the next month and won't be renewable until you become eligible again.

We believe that the verified mark provides a competitive advantage to those who have it, and we charge a fee for the privilege to lower the monetary barrier of entry for smaller sellers. Our team takes into consideration the seller's account history, customer feedback, and other relevant metrics to determine eligibility for the verified mark.

So if you're looking to become a verified seller on Shopiro, focus on providing outstanding customer service, prompt shipping, and resolving any issues with buyers quickly and efficiently. While we can't guarantee eligibility for the verified mark, these actions will help improve your chances.