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On Shopiro , every item that's listed has a unique identifier known as a SLID. This unique code helps us keep track of all the items on our platform. SLID is a special way we format these codes, and it's a part of a system we call SLIDE (Shopiro Listing ID Embedding).

Here's what SLIDE means for you:

Unlimited Listings: With SLIDE, we can have up to 90 trillion unique products per listing type! And if we ever need more (though we probably won't), we can go up to a staggering 3.2 quintillion listings per type.

Quick and Efficient: Because of the way SLIDE is designed, it makes finding available ListingIDs much faster. Think of it like having a super-organized library where you can find any book in seconds!

No Confusion: SLIDE uses a base32 system, which means that certain characters that might look similar are not used together. This makes sure that there's no mix-up or confusion with the product identifiers.

A Fixed Prefix: SLIDE has a fixed first character, like a special starting number. This part of the code doesn't change, but it can be adjusted if we ever need to make room for more identifiers.

Our main goal was to make a system that's not limiting and can handle a huge number of unique listings without slowing down or getting confused. It took some time to create, but with SLIDE, we've made a system that's efficient, straightforward, and future-proof.

SLIDE is our way of keeping track of listings in a way that's smart and simple. It makes things shorter, clearer, and quicker for everyone. Just another way we're working to make the Shopiro marketplace the best place for buyers and sellers alike!

If you have any more questions about SLIDE or anything else, please feel free to contact our support team. We're here to help!